CCBE membership

CCBE membership

Membership of the National Bar Association of Albania in the Council of Bars and Legal Associations of Europe (CCBE):

At the Plenary Session of the Council of Bar Associations and European Legal Associations (CCBE) held on May 24, 2008, in Budapest, Hungary, the National Bar Association of Albania was unanimously accepted as a Member with observer status of this Organization. prestigious. The application of the National Chamber of Advocacy was defended by Dr. Maksim R. Haxhia, its Chairman, on the report prepared by the Italian lawyer Mr. Aldo Bulgarelli.

The CCBE is an international organization founded in 1960 which represents the interests of more than 700,000 European lawyers through the Bars and law societies of 31 countries (full members), and 6 member countries with observer status. This Organization counts as its members the 27 countries of the European Union and the 3 countries of the European Economic Union (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) which are members with full status together with Switzerland. The CCBE closely cooperates with the Commission and the European Parliament through the drafting and revision of European legislation, including giving recommendations for changing the procedural aspects of the European Court of Luxembourg and the European Court of Human Rights.

With the membership in CCBE, the National Chamber of Lawyers of Albania has joined the Charter of Fundamental Principles of the Legal Profession in Europe and the Code of Conduct of European Lawyers, which are based on important principles, among others, we can highlight: respect for the rule of law and the right administration of justice, the independence and self-regulation of the legal profession of advocacy, the preservation of dignity and respect for the profession of advocacy, the avoidance of conflict of interest or the fight against corruption, the increase in the professionalism of lawyers, etc.

The membership of the National Chamber of Advocacy of Albania in the structures of the CCBE is contributing to the fulfillment of the objectives of the National Chamber of Advocacy, in terms of increasing the professionalism and integrity of Albanian lawyers, the independence of this profession and the protection and dignified representation of the interests of Albanian lawyers within and beyond the borders of Albania.