The project with the Council of Europe regarding the Training of Lawyers on the European Convention of Human Rights and the jurisprudence of the European Court of Strasbourg (2008-2010):

The National Bar Chamber in cooperation with the Council of Europe has implemented the Program: "Training of lawyers on the European Convention of Human Rights and the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg" financially supported by the voluntary contributions of the Government of Norway and the Kingdom than United.
Activities developed within the framework of this project:

  • First Phase during 2008:
    • 2 two-day sessions on "Training of Trainers" - 12 Albanian lawyers trained on ECHR and ECHR jurisprudence;
    • 1 study visit to the Council of Europe and the Strasbourg Court;
    • 5 rounds of training for lawyers throughout Albania, where about 250 lawyers were trained;
    • The National Conference organized in Vlora, on July 2, 2008, with the theme: "The role of the lawyer in the Legal Reform in Albania" with the participation of senior experts from the Council of Europe, international organizations that contribute to the justice system, and high structures state and independent institutions.
  • Activity of the second phase of the project, 2010:
    • 1 two-day session of "Training of Trainers" on "Legal Research Methodology and ECJ Jurisprudence";
    • 2 two-day sessions where about 50 female lawyers of the Tirana Bar Association and the Chairmen of the District Bar Associations were trained;

Project "For the Improvement of the Legal and Institutional Basis of the National Bar Association, with a Special Focus on the Implementation of the Rules of Ethics by Lawyers":

The National Bar Association of Albania (DH.KASH) in cooperation with the Lord Slynn Foundation of Hardley and the Bar Council of England and Wells, since 2010 are implementing the Project: "For the Improvement of the Legal and Institutional Base of the National Bar Association, with Special Focus on the Implementation of the Rules of Ethics by Lawyers", financially supported by the Embassy of the United Kingdom, in Tirana.

In the framework of this project, DH.KASH in cooperation with English experts is drafting the necessary legal changes on the main acts that regulate the lawyer profession, especially those on the simplification of the disciplinary process and related structures, but also on the definition of mandatory training for assistant lawyers and licensed lawyers.

In the framework of the Project, on the dates March 28 to April 2, 2011, a Study Visit of Albanian lawyers took place in London, United Kingdom, to exchange the experience of the two Bars related to the Discipline procedures of lawyers and Continuing Training Structures. The Albanian delegation was headed by Av. Prof. neither. Dr. Maksim R. Haxhia, Chairman of the National Chamber of Advocates of Albania and was a member of the Governing Council of the National Chamber of Advocates. Albanian lawyers were received in special meetings by Mr. Petter Lodder QC, President of the English and Wells Bar; Mr Simon Lofthouse QC, Chair of the Appeals Committee; Ms. Ann Barker, Former Complaints Commissioner of the English Bar Standards Board, etc.

  • The group of experts of the English Bar who are working on this Project:
    • Mr James Dingemans, Barrister QC, Project Leader, former Chairman of the Bar Council's International Committee, former member of the Bar Council's Professional Conduct Committee
    • Mr Philip Bartle, Barrister, former member of the Professional Conduct Committee of the Bar Council
    • Mr. Michel Aslangul, training expert;
    • Ms. Klentiana Mahmutaj, Barrister;
    • Ms. Ruduna Jasini, PhD Candidate at Oxford University;

USAID's 5-year project (October 2010-October 2015) for Strengthening the Justice Sector (USAID-JuST):

USAID's 5-year project (October 2010 to October 2015) for Strengthening the Justice Sector (USAID-JuST) has as its important component the development of capacities and organizational sustainability of the legal profession in Albania.

USAID's JuST project in cooperation with the National Chamber of Advocacy (DHKASH) and regional chambers, has started cooperation since 2010 to strengthen the profession of lawyer, through the strengthening of the National Chamber, the creation of a National Magazine for Advocacy and the presentation of the Education program Legal Continuum, as well as the organization of an Annual Conference of Lawyers to address issues related to the lawyer profession in Albania.

Within the framework of the USAID Program for Strengthening the Justice System in Albania (JuST), implemented by Chemonics International, DHKASH will cooperate with USAID to strengthen the professional capacities of active lawyers and assistant lawyers, through the creation and implementation of the Program of Continuing Legal Education (AFL).

In support of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Director of USAID for Albania, Mr. Joseph Williams and the President of DHKASH, Mr. Maksim Haxhia, the AVL Program will be tested, in the form of a demonstration project in the Regional Chamber of Vlora and Durrës and the implementation of this program will be carried out by the Albanian Center for Legal Training and Studies (ACLTS), with funds provided by USAID and DHKASH, in accordance with Section 6 of the Agreement signed between USAID and DHKASH on May 12, 2011.

  • Activities developed within the framework of the Project:
    • Table Discussion in the Regional Bar Chambers: As a first step to collect the ideas and recommendations of lawyers towards strengthening their profession, the JuST project team organized during the period December 2010-January 2011, three meetings in the form of focus groups with the regional chambers of Vlora, Durrës and Lezha. These meetings were organized in cooperation with DHKASH. In the three focus group meetings, there was a wide participation of 110 lawyers and assistant lawyers from the three aforementioned cities, as well as from the regional chambers of the respective regions;
    • Organization of Brainstorming sessions in Durres and Vlore:
      • On June 5 and June 11, two brainstorming sessions were held at the Local Chamber of Advocacy in Durrës and Vlora, with the participation of experts from ACLTS, the National Chamber of Advocates and the JuST Project. 25 lawyers and assistants took part in the Durres meeting and 45 lawyers and assistants took part in the one in Vlora;
      • The purpose of these sessions was to promote the training program and the one-year project May 2011-June 2012, as well as the construction of the priority scale for the 12 topics valid for 12 credits;
    • Preparation of the Report on the Assessment of Training Needs;
    • Preparation of Training Curricula and Calendar of Training Activities;
    • The organization of trainings will start in July 2012.